Spring School "Staring at Goats", Germany, 06-13/03/2019

Spring School "Staring at Goats", Germany, 06-13/03/2019

Participation in Spring School "Staring at Goats", Germany, 06-13/03/2019
Σχέδια κατάρτισης

The project

The project ͞Staring at Goats – Propaganda, Scapegoating and ͞the Other͟ 1918 - 2018͞aims to de-construct the process of forming of the identity of ͞the Other͟ over the course of the last 100 years. To do so it will discuss the role of language in that process, enable European youngsters and adults alike to recognise and resist exclusionary and discriminatory practices and raise awareness about hate speech and its consequences by using history education and international campaigning tools.  CGE Erfurt e.V. and its partners in Croatia, Estonia, Greece and Portugal will implement a total of 13 events, beginning with a preparatory meeting in July 2018 and concluding with the presentation of the project͛s findings in November 2019.

Between those milestones, a campaign will have been developed by the participants of the Summer School ͞Propaganda, Scapegoating and ͞the Other͟ 1918-2018͟, aiming to highlight the similarities of group-based discrimination and propaganda from World War I until today. Following an active understanding of history, this campaign will also target today͛s misconceptions and -constructions of ͚the Other͛ by populist forces across Europe and be implemented by the participants between autumn 2018 and summer 2019 with support from the project consortium. To do so, each partner will conduct two one-day events that will highlight local aspects and histories in their respective cities of Erfurt, Lisbon, Tallinn, Thessaloniki and Zagreb. As the campaign winds down in the summer of 2019, the knowledge and issues covered over the course of the summer school, campaign and its local events will be collected by the project coordinators and made available in the form of a booklet. This booklet will as well contain a summarizing essay that will put it in the larger historical, educational and political context in which the project took place. These project findings will then be presented to the public during its final event and made available online and offline.

The Spring School

This activity will offer an educational platform for learning from history, with the focus on hate speech and othering. We will examine the role of language in the process of creation of “the Other” by drawing a parallel with historical experiences and present events. During the event participants and experts will create a campaign materials for the Activity 3 from the gained knowledge and learn about the steps of the campaign implementation. 

Expected results: - experts in the field of remembrance, historians and young people gathered and working together, -exchange of knowledge between generations, -lessons from the past about hate speech learned, -materials for the awareness-raising campaign created, -participants prepared to act as disseminators of the campaign, -campaign steps developed and shared with participants, -network of campaign ambassadors created, -established methodology for similar events to be organised in future

The selection process

Participants should be between 18-35 years old

The selection process has to stages:

1. United Societies of Balkans will pre-select some participants based in the forms that they will fill out.

2. Participants, who will be selected from United Societies of Balkans, will have to fill out a second participation form and pass the second and final selection stage. 

Closing date for expression of interest 12/1/2019.


Closing date for expression of interest 27/12/2018.
Accommodation and food costs are covered by the Erasmus + program (by the organizers), as well as travel costs (up to EUR 275). Participation fee for the sender EUR 30 per person (the amount is paid upon acceptance of the participation in the program and will not be refunded in case of cancellation of participation).Closing date for expression of interest 12/1/2019

Accommodation,food and "training material" costs are covered by the "Europe for Citizens" program (by the organisers), as well as travel costs (up to EUR 250).

Participation fee for the sending organisation is EUR 70 per person, which aims to cofund the formentioned needs (the amount is paid upon acceptance of the participation in the programme and will not be refunded in case of cancellation of participation).


Plese find the link for the participation form here

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