Local Network

Local Network

Local Network

United Societies of the Balkans, after 10 years of experience in the field of European Voluntary Programs such as the European Voluntary Service, decided to support civil society by creating a network of certified bodies promoting the principles of Solidarity and Volunteering.

Our network is made up of remarkable institutions with a significant contribution to the society of Thessaloniki, which act as hosting organisation of young people aged 18-30 under the European Solidarity Corps Programme.

At the given time, the Network consists of 14 organisations.

These organisations are:

Fix in Art:                                              

Fix in Art is a nonprofit organization that has been active since 2011 and is located at the old, historic Fix Brewery. The organization acts as a hub for professional and amateur artists from all over the world and contributes to the unique atmosphere surrounding this place. The aim is to promote art as a tool for growth and supply in society.


Action Art

Action Art is an area of ​​artistic education, narration, action and communication. It is a nonprofit company and was established in 2009.

Action Art's main work is:


  •  The spread of Oral Intangible Heritage. Contributing to the restoration of the social and pedagogical function of fairy tales, legends, legends and narratives,

• the development of visual arts programs. The provision of specialized knowledge for the personal, professional development,

• the promotion of cultural, educational and intercultural programs, multilingual narratives



"AddArt" is a nonprofit civil society that promotes and promotes culture. It was founded in February 2014 and is based in Thessaloniki.

The main objectives of AddArt are to promote culture to the general public and to create original projects that will bring social messages. 
To achieve its goals, "AddArt" organizes a variety of cultural and social activities such as events and festivals focusing on the visual, audiovisual and digital arts.


Thessaloniki Pride

Thessaloniki Pride is a civil society organization that aims to enhance the social visibility of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, intersex, and generally any minority based on sexual orientation and gender identity or gender, as well as support their equality and rights in Thessaloniki and the wider region.

Thessaloniki Pride was founded in the spring of 2012 to initially organize the homonymous festival at a time when the creative forces of the city were in a period of rebirth. Following the unexpected success of the first Thessaloniki Pride, the organization has strengthened and expanded its activities in other fields as well.



EduACT is a nonprofit organization established in Thessaloniki in 2013 aiming at introducing innovation and entrepreneurship into the educational process while the main field of action is educational robotics.


The vision of eduACT is to bring education to the future today! By introducing the concept of innovation into the educational process, it aims to bring out the talents of young children, providing the stimulus for creativity. Research and play, learning and fun are combined to provide useful professional skills for the future of tomorrow's innovative. EduACT is the organizer of the First Lego League (FLL) robotics competition.


Lighthouse of the World

The Youth Center "Lighthouse of the World" is an area of ​​protection and creative employment of the Dedipostamos Youth that operates with the care and love of the Holy Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavropoleos.

Through his constant and uninterrupted struggle he has not only highlighted the problems of the region but has found pioneering solutions in areas such as education, health, work.

The Lighthouse of the world is constantly next to all those in need and illuminates the road to growth and development.


Positive Voice

Positive Voice issued and runs the Checkpoint in Thessaloniki. Checkpoint is a prevention and testing unit for HIV and hepatitis B, C and began their journey in 2015 in Athens and 2017 in Thessaloniki. They carry out HIV / AIDS and B and C hepatitis screening and counseling actions both in Attica and Thessaloniki and in the rest of Greece. 



The Environmental Organization for Wildlife and Nature CALLISTO was founded in 2004 in Thessaloniki by scientists with great experience and specialization in environmental issues. Callisto's actions focus on the conservation of wildlife, emphasizing in the Large Carnivores of Greece: bear and wolf.

Its aim is to highlight the value of the biodiversity, and the right to life and to raise awareness of the public regarding all environmental problems of our time.



Intervolve has been founded by a group of young volunteers active at the northern border of Greece during the refugee crisis.
Since 2018 one of the leading projects of the organisation is the running of "Irida", a multicultural women’s centre in Thessaloniki. The centre has as the grand majority of beneficiaries refugee, migrant and asylum-seeking women and their children and provide a safe space of expression, workshops to gain skills, intercultural events and children care while women are attending workshops.


Schedia stin Poli

Schedia's team was a group of educators that have been operating in Thessaloniki as an informal group from 1999 and that founded the organisation in 2007. In 20 years of activities, the team has designed and implemented hundreds of creative volunteer actions, educational programs and artistic events for children and young people in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and abroad.

Specifically, they deliver activities such as art, storytelling, creative writing, puppet theatre, recycling, art and comics, healthy nutrition, intercultural games and others.


EKBE (Union of Deaf People of Northern Greece)

EKBE is a non-profit association which is active in Thessaloniki for the last 50 years. It has experience in supporting the deaf and hearing impaired who are in need as well as their families and aims at improving their living conditions and facilitating their socialisation process. They dedicate particular attention to the youth since it is the most critical period for the self-development of the person.

The organisation represents a bridge between the deaf population and society, promoting social inclusion and working to reach equal opportunities for the hearing-impaired youth.


Sympraxis, Partnership for Gender Issues

Sympraxi is one of the oldest organisations for the LGBT community in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. It started its activities in 1999, and has always implemented activities to fight discrimination and ask for equal rights through art and cinema.

Its main function is to organise the annual “Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival”, in cooperation with the Thessaloniki Film Festival. It also organises conferences, discussions and exhibition about the topic.

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