Balkans and Eastern Europe are geographical regions with many cultural features which offer a broad spectrum of actions and youth involvement initiatives. The organization was created as a respond to the pressure of constant changes in the Balkan and Eastern European region and under the need for the creation of a better social environment. Key areas of the organization's activities concern the defense of human rights, the organization of youth exchanges and training courses, which will bring young people from Balkans and Europe together, the organization of local educational seminars and multimedia production, as well as  promotion of volunteerism at local and international level. In addition, the design and implementation of research and new methods and tools related to education and action, cooperation with other civil society actors, as well as the involvement with state organizations to achieve the objectives of the organization are key goals of United Societies of Balkans. Finally, a crucial aim is to inform and raise awareness among young people on various social issues, as well as to strengthen and support them in the creation of a healthier and more integrated, thinking and active citizen.

Objectives of the organization

- Identifying the needs of young people and implementing actions and activities in cooperation with them

- Supporting, empowering and activating young people in order to take part in decision-making process and initiatives

- Promoting the idea of voluntarism, the values and principles of active citizenship and Democracy

- Mentoring and life coaching of young people, which leads to the creation of a life plan

- Promoting and respecting human rights, social integration, solidarity and diversity, through the use of New Media and non-formal education activities

- Identifying and promoting the cultural elements of the countries of South-eastern Europe and bridging the gap between them

- Combating stereotypes and prejudices amongst the people of the Balkans and Europe as well as the different social groups in society

- Stimulating youth to adopt social skills and healthy attitudes to combat unemployment through entrepreneurship

- Recognizing the values of non-formal education and the services of the youth worker.

"United Societies of Balkans" organize a variety of activities and programs at local, regional and international level, which includes:

- Training programs and seminars

- Conferences and festivals

- Voluntary and internship programs

- Vocational education and training programs

- Arts and development of skills workshops

- Creation of local actions based on youth initiatives at local level

- Surveys

- Information and awareness campaigns

- Creating manuals and guides

- Creation of audiovisual products

- Structured dialogue activities.

Following the geopolitical developments in the Mediterranean basin, the economic crisis that affected Europe, the rise of Euro-scepticism, the increase in youth unemployment and the extent of the brain drain phenomenon, the goals and vision of our organization, are more up to date than ever before. That is why we are continuing our action and we are looking for allies and opportunities for actions to improve the conditions in order to build a healthy future.


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