International Projects

International Projects

U.S.B. participates and organizes international training and mobility programs aimed at educating and sensitizing young people on various social issues such as human rights, citizenship, promoting intercultural dialogue and much more. The programs are based on non-formal learning methods and are carried out locally and internationally.

It also implements programs for research and production of innovative education and training methods, plans and conducts information and awareness campaigns, and finally seeks to involve young people in empowerment and initiatives.

The organization has dealt with a variety of media, environment, ecology and art topics, hate speech and the internet, the labor market, etc. in line with the foreseeable needs of youth.

The international programs are carried out with the participation of young people from the Balkans, Europe and other regions of the world. The aim of these “(inter)actions” is to overcome stereotypical and racist perceptions, respect for human rights values, exchange of views and young people with different historical and cultural backgrounds.

In these actions you will find long-term programs with an international impact, in which our organization has been actively involved or participated. These programs are related to research, material production, strengthening of skills between organizations, long-term training plans, sociological studies and others.

These programs are supported by local, national, European and international bodies such as the Local Government, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Anna-Lindh Foundation etc., which agree with the principles and values of our organization.

In this field, you can find, with the help of filters, the programs, which our organization has implemented and implements through various financial tools or on its own initiative.

EU-VOICE (2018-2021)
Erasmus+ ΚΑ3
Erasmus+ ΚΑ2
#GetUpStandup (2017-2019)
Europe For Citizens
Europe For Citizens
Will the Greek organizations become Charm(ing)?
Rights, Equality and Citizenship
Games 4 life
Erasmus+ ΚΑ1
Erasmus+ ΚΑ2
TIPS4EU (2017-2019)
Europe For Citizens
Rights, Equality and Citizenship
Europe For Citizens
Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs
Rights, Equality and Citizenship
PAL project 2016 - 2017
Rights, Equality and Citizenship
E=mc2 Society=MEYOU
Council of Europe

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