Youth sPEACEs

Youth sPEACEs



The project "Youth sPEACEs. Urban spaces for active social participation and dialogue" aims to strengthen the youth sector in Europe and connect the local with the European dimension. The connection is supported by promoting and increasing the role of local youth spaces in the continental context, through their empowerment, but also by encouraging and supporting their networking, proposing a "European Charter of youth spaces". To achieve these goals, the partnership supports the active participation of young people in citizenship activities and experiences in which they can take a leading role, bridging the local and European dimensions and creating a pathway for voices to be heard. their voice.

The project is implemented by 9 organizations and 7 EU countries. (Italy, Greece, France, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal and Sweden while other countries will participate in the online activities.

This project includes:
● 7 local training programs on EU activities and programmes,
● 7 youth exchanges,
● 1 European survey,
● online debate,
● a visit to the European Institutions,
● online information and training campaign

The main outcome of the project will be the proposal of a "European Charter for Youth Spaces" to stimulate a debate and possible concrete decisions to recognize and strengthen the role of these participatory experiences in Europe.

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