Youth Council of Oreokastro

Youth Council of Oreokastro


Youth Council of Oraiokastro

The European Union Youth Strategy 2019-2027 aims to empower young people and promote their active participation in society. In line with this strategy, the project aims to encourage and enable young people in rural areas to participate in political and public life by establishing a local youth council and an e-consultation website. The project's goals include engaging youth in their communities, promoting digital inclusion, supporting social and civic engagement, and sharing best practices with existing youth councils. Activities include kick-off events, focus groups, consultation meetings, sharing of best practices, and a final conference. The expected impact is to strengthen democracy and local society by giving young people a voice in decision-making and contributing to a culture of youth participation
in the community.

Expected outcomes and impacts:

The project aims to support youth engagement, strengthen democracy, and increase youth participation in decision-making. The e-consultation website will focus on disorganized, rural and disadvantaged youth and promote their voices in the EU Youth Dialog process. The local youth council will actively contribute to the development of public youth policies. In addition, the project will produce a manual with recommendations for facilitating non-formal education for disadvantaged youth in accessing democratic processes. Overall, the project aims to establish youth participation in local democratic institutions and promote a culture of youth participation in their communities.

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