Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs

Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs

Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs
Erasmus+ ΚΑ2

Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs Project aims to mainstream the gender point of view in EU Mobility Programs and by doing this to increase the visibility of gender issues in youth organizations. EU Mobility Programs such as Erasmus + mobilize so many young people all around the Europe which brings so many excellent opportunities together with. At the same time, it is obvious that gender discrimination is a global /transnational issue and it effects all the young women's life all around the world including Europe. Especially being a young woman foreigner means facing many different challanges which might differentiate from their men peers. Even though there are differences according to travelled countries structure, the organization of society legitimizes the discriminative action and sexual harassment against young women. Therefore, discussing preventive suggestions against those measures and developing reliable solutions and mechanisms will contribute increasing the quality of travel that young women experience within exchange programs.


Project aims;


- To explore experiences of discriminative action against young women and challanges they face who travel abroad within an exchange program in 5 different countires.

- To focus on best practices of countries which have supportive mechanisms for young women

- To establish and promote new tools and solidarity mechanisms /networks in order to empower young women primarily

- To develop new models for public services that is planned for youngesters

- To encourage young women to be the main actor while promoting the innovative solutions.

- To advocate the Gender Policy Recommendation for EU Mobility Program coordinators in local and international level.

- Moreover, new mechanisms that aim to prevent those difficulties, unjust treatment and abuse of rights will be developed and advocated.

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