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The EASY-EU project aims at promoting the participation of young and senior citizens in the civic and democratic life of the EU through the organisation of 6 local EASY-EU events in each partner country (IT, GR, IE, AT, HR). The EASY-EU events will involve 1200 participants in total at EU level, of whom at least the 50% will be women according to the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, and they will focus on: 1) the 2024 European Parliament elections 2) the awareness on innovative democratic approaches and tools 3) the engagement of citizens in debating on environment in accordance with the European Green Deal. According to the EU Citizenship Report in 2020 there is a strong need to involve youth in the civic debates and to find more innovative forms of dialogue.

That’s why the partnership will promote the principle of e-democracy, in line with the European Democracy Action plan. At EU level, digital literacy is considered as an essential skill to allow citizens to exercise full active citizenship.

EASY-EU will involve mainly youth and senior citizens and stimulate debates among these target groups to learn from each other. 

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