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Call for 6 EVS volunteers from Bulgaria and Croatia

Completed Program

United Societies of Balkans are ready to welcome 6 new volunteers from Bulgaria (3) and from Croatia (3) who will join in the EVS project “Balkan Hot Spot” which starts in September/ October 2015 (duration 10 months). Media and local events will be the activities that the volunteers will mostly get involved during their participation.

The volunteers of U.S.B. have specific roles during their participation in the EVS project. They contribute to the development of organization’s e- radio, biomonthly magazine, blog, web tv, and they create videos and documentaries about social and youth issues. Furthermore, they participate in approved programmes, so that they will be able to develop more skills and capacities. Also, the youngsters have the chance to participate in some public events organized by the local authorities. During these events the volunteers will have the opportunity to communicate with the locals, to practice in Greek language and to feel what is called as ” Greek spirit”.

If you are interested to participate, contact the sending organizations, from Bulgaria, “The Starry Start of Talents Foundation” ( , ) and from Croatia, “Udruga za mlade Alfa Albona” (, In both cases, please attach your CV (Europass), a motivation letter and send them also (cc) to our organization (