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''It was very fulfilling to spread newly-gained knowledge and make other people's days merrier'' Youth Exchange, Croatia

usbngo 14 Dec 2017


This past week, thirty-six ambitious young activists coming from six different countries gathered together in Osijek,Croatia with one mutual goal; to learn more about human rights and, also, help raise awareness about them. The erasmus+ European funding programme, along with the NGO Interaktiva, gave the opportunity to young people from Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania and Macedonia to achieve the aforementioned goal through sessions, workshops, team-building activities, while simultaneously expressing their creative side. 

During the first two days, the main objective of the activities was for the participants to become familiar with each other, destroy any communication barriers and lift any shyness through name and other spirit-building games. Furthermore, it was of great importance to have some ground rules set, in order to create a more productive working atmosphere and for everything to progress smoothly . Lastly, each country had to present their home-sending organization in a fun fashion show.

So, the whole project was constructed by twelve unique sessions in total, each, of course, depicting a different aspect of the human rights topic. The way most sessions were facilitated was that all participants were divided into smaller groups and each group was assigned a specific task to complete. Using their phones and internet access, participants conducted a small research about their issue and then presented it to the rest of the attendees as creatively as possibly. It  was quite a fun experience for them to be able to gain some knowledge while also being playful, artistic and creative about it. 

The main installment of the line-up, the street action, took place during the sixth day of the project. It was decided by everyone involved to engage in a lot of different actions during that time, so the preparations started the day before. Their ideas included a survey about people's thought on human rights, a social experiment of some sort where some participants gave out free hugs and payed random people compliments while recording their reaction. A banner to go alone with those actions was created, too. From many aspects, the street action was the most important part of the project. It was probably very fulfilling to spread their newly-gained knowledge about human rights and make other people's days merrier.

As with any program of this type, this also included some fun side projects. During the night of the second and third day, an intercultural show was held where the participants of each country presented a video of their country, created some fun quizes and offered a small taste of their country's traditional cuisine and products. Besides those, every night had a certain theme and specific actions attached to it. Also, before every single one of the sessions the party delved into some fun energizing games that helped with getting to know each other and build intimacy.

Naturally, bringing thirty-six random people together and asking them to work as one group is quite a challenging thing to do. Eventually, though, once everyone realised that similar goals dwell within them, everything started going according to plan. This project permitted intercultural exchange and the formation of international relationships that hopefully will last through time. Thirty-six people became more aware and informed about active citizenship, along with human rights and how to defend them, but that is not enough. There is, still, so much work left for us to do, as human rights are constantly at stake in the modern world.

Vicky, Ilia, Konstantinos, Antonis, Alexandros, Thanos
Το παραπάνω άρθρο ανοίκει στα μέλη της ομάδας που ταξίδεψε στο Osijek της Κροατίας για την ανταλλαγή νέων "We come us one'', που έλαβε χώρα στις 1-9/12/2017. Η ανταλλαγή νέων χρηματοδοτήθηκε από το Ευρωπαικό πρόγραμμα Erasmus+.

''It was very fulfilling to spread newly-gained knowledge and make other people's days merrier'' Youth Exchange, Croatia
''It was very fulfilling to spread newly-gained knowledge and make other people's days merrier'' Youth Exchange, Croatia
''It was very fulfilling to spread newly-gained knowledge and make other people's days merrier'' Youth Exchange, Croatia


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