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usbngo 19 Nov 2018

''Alternative ways to find a job'', Youth Exchange, Control - Job - Alternative, 07-14/09/2018, Slovakia

Thirty five young people from Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Slovakia participated in Erasmus + Youth exchange Control - Job - Alternative in Nitra and prepared tips and recommendations for young people, who are searching for a job or would like to create a dream job.


TIP #1 Stay active and initiative by following these three steps:

usbngo 10 Nov 2018

At this Youth Exchange in Ukraine the participants ''...since the beginning of the project, we feel like a big family!''

After 12 days in Ukraine, I have to say one thing: Take me back.

This adventure started on 23rd of October with some difficulties at first. Six people from Greece arrived in Ukraine feeling so cold, we could barely stand in Kiev. Arriving at the project venue in a small village near Lviv, we were still cold but after some days we couldn’t feel it anymore and that’s because of the warmest atmosphere we could have wished for.

usbngo 24 Oct 2018

''Become a Young Entrepreneur!'' Erasmus+ Υouth Εxchange in Romania

Become a Young Entrepreneur! Erasmus+ youth exchange made an opportunity for young people from eight countries to come together and develop their sense of entrepreunership. The exchange which was ten days long, took place in Ocna Mures, Romania between 21-30th September 2018.

usbngo 23 Oct 2018

Experiences from the project ''Pin for Me – Promoting Inclusion for Migrants’ Empowerment'' in Italy

<< Pin for Me – Promoting Inclusion for Migrants’ Empowerment >>


Seminar: 29.07.2018 – 04.08.2018


“Promoting Inclusion for Migrants’ Empowerment” is a KA1 Youth Exchange that aims at providing the quality of youth work addressed to young migrants.

usbngo 23 Oct 2018

The project ‘Discover Green Jobs’ at the French countryside was a unique experience

Participating in the project ‘Discover Green Jobs’ was a unique experience. Getting involved in activities at the French countryside – including among others wood crafting, hiking, or learning about the edible herbs – was surprisingly rewarding. I believe it was very important that this project consisted mainly of practical education, as it achieved to get the participants more motivated and increased the interaction between them.

usbngo 23 Oct 2018

Youth Unemployment in Europe

Youth unemployment is a social problem, which is known in most of the European Union member countries. According to the definition of the UN, people who are between 15 and 24 years old and without employment, are addressed by this term. The young people are willing, able and actively looking for employment, but are without work. The UN definition doesn’t specify about the duration of unemployment.

usbngo 09 Oct 2018

''This experience strengthened my belief that our diversity is our power!'' creating a board game in Thessaloniki

Last week I had the chance to participate in the project of “Development of new Inter-religious tools” which is a long term project under the ERASMUS+ Programme. This project makes it possible for organisations from different countries to work together and to share their best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth.

usbngo 07 Aug 2018

My experience in “ Digitalise it” project in Strasbourg

On the 1st of July, Konstantinos and I arrived in Strasbourg, where we were welcomed by Emmeline, one of the coordinators of “Digitalise it” who kept us warm company during the entire programme. In the duration of the 10 days of the programme, we were hosted at the Foyer de l’ Etudiant Catholique (F.E.C.), a students’ residence, which was located in the center of Strasbourg.

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