Erasmus+ for Marina and Vasilis

Erasmus+ for Marina and Vasilis

What's in common between a horse,  some hot springs and a mentor ?

So, we were lucky enough to meet 29 other young people in the very famous Stupicke Toplice in the Croatian countryside, which is famous for its hot springs. So we took the energy from these  hot water sources and created an incredibly hot group and together with our 2 wonderful trainers we started a journey to forge the powers of the mentor or as it is called: the "Forging Mentor’s Power" program!

Erasmus+ στην Πολωνία, με τη Βάσια

Erasmus+ στην Πολωνία, με τη Βάσια

Coming back from Poland participating in program «Violence - No,thanks!», which took part in Nasutów Lublin, I’m full of positive energy and good emotions which I shared with many people from different countries there. It was an amazing experience and even better than we expected and I think that “Sempre a Frente Foundation” that organized the whole project did its best for us to learn as much as possible not only about working with kids but also about ourselves.


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