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Adult Mobility

Adult Mobility

Do you give the proper importance to your “educational journey”? Are you willing to give opportunities for learning and growth to students, apprentices and staff and let them experience a new quality approach to education through a training plan abroad?

If you do, we can offer opportunities for citizens of Europe who would like to live this experience in our association, in Greece (Thessaloniki). Moreover, we can suggest many opportunities for Greek people who would like to join in similar projects European Countries.

We would like to inform you that we have an Open Call for our 2015 editions of our traineeship/trainings for Adult Staff/Learners in Thessaloniki (Greece) that you can join using European funds through ERASMUS+ Programme (KA1)!

It’s easy! Just few steps and you can obtain a training grant to cover 100%the course fee, accommodation, subsistence costs and travel for your participants.

See our Training Offer Catalogue and for more information about the initiatives and a step by step walkthrough on how to obtain the Grant please contact us at


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Adult Mobility

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