Reworks Festival

Reworks Festival

Reworks Festival

Saturday, September 19th 2015.


Fresher’s in Thessaloniki, we are 3 French party guys willing to enjoy the music and the nightlife in Greece.

After have been waiting the whole week, finally the weekend is up, and we can't wait to attempt Reworks festival.


We fancy electro and techno music, let’s say we are electro aholics.


How to describe Reworks Festival ?


That is 11st edition of Reworks which took place in Thessaloniki and has hosted 800 artists until today on the scenes of Block 33, Mylos Complex and the rooftop of Met hotel for the last night. Reworks is indeed a 3 nights long meeting point of various artists from different countries.

70 of them were attempted this year like Tale Of Us, Dubfire, Pan-Pot and the super talented Ellen Allien. The festival is dedicated to contemporary culture mixed with urban and electronic forward-thinking music.

Such a good opportunity to share the passion of quality urban music and atmosphere and discover new trends among emerging talents !


Let’s talk about Saturday night


As soon as we got our entrance bracelets, we surfaced in a huge place composed of 3 outdoors and 9 indoor rooms playing different kind of music, crowded of people from different background, gathered together in order to enjoy and appreciate the music.

In fact, despite the current economical crisis, Reworks was happy to bring together thousands music passioners, sharing a good time and happiness, in a breezy atmosphere.

Time after time, the party got crazy and we started losing control during Ellen Allien show.


Underground trend expansion.


We notice a massive wave of new underground style these days, which include music such as different branch of techno, but also vintage clothing from second hands shops, tattoos, piercings, art and “hipster” attitude in general.

This trend has been exported directly from London and Berlin to the entire europe. Reworks festival brings together house, techno, freestyle and neo-classical music.


What about our expectations ?


Through our record of Saturday night, we can say we had an amazing time and enjoyed ourselves. Reworks festival was busy, friendly and welcoming as we expected it to be. We believe the nightlife and the artistic world in general are affording the current issues that Greece has been through. More and more people from the worldwide and different background are gathered together every year to enjoy and share, which is positive, in an economical hand as well.

More and more people/artists are hopefully expected for next year.


Basically,we are looking forward Reworks festival 2016 !



Article by Esther Mastrodicasa

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Reworks FestivalPan-Pot showEllen Allien show



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