I am a primary school teacher, I am bored. Because of my life. Maybe this life is not enough for me anymore, and I do not know why I have waited. Anyway I have my green passport, and I can go where I want. First of all, I want to follow my heart. If I can do it, I will find an answer why I bored. For many years, same lessons, same books, etc. I feel right moment to go abroad, in my life. I have to celebrate my fourtieth years old through this trip.

Where all it began. It is totally true, Thessaloniki is more than a city. Too many Turkish people at the streets. More than it, too many Greek people can speak Turkish well. I have to write it I saw a pretty woman when I was waiting bus at the bus station, and she spoke Turkish with me very well, she talked about how she loves Turkish frendship, hospitality. They correct themselves as Istanbul spontaneously when they say Constantinople.  Greek people have a great energy. Let’s argue! We have a new topic which country’s people more energetic. Anyway If I have to compare with a character this country, I can say Robin Hood and Greece have similarities. People can take bus without money, ticket. Maybe it is not an official style, but people are relax about it. Unfortunately, it is not possible in Turkey. The other important and historical speciality,  an archeological site is at middle of the city. They protect it very well! People do not destroy it with rubbish, buildings, etc.  Drunk women! They feel comforted. The reason is not only beer, but also frappe is too important. Turkish drivers love Turkish tea, and Greek drivers love frappe. When speaking of drivers, I have too add my Athens experience. I took a bus from Thessaloniki to Athens, it was my fault, I did not have a good plan. They have not catering delivery services for their bus services. It is weird after Turkish bus service style. On the other hand, I saw their respect of their history through Acropolis. Acropolis is fascinating, and everywhere is clean as it should be. I surprised again after Thessaloniki, because keep its  clean is very difficult for historical areas  in Turkey. 


The other important influencer of Greek culture for me Greek Flag to waves at the houses, and small products even have Greek Flag on the pockets. They do not remember their flags when they get sad - angry, or they happy. Tradition, beatnik, excitement also exist in Greece. Voila! An argument which it protractiles from nationalism to socialism. You can discuss it under the topic of ‘Greek Crisis=No Problem’ with your beer, or frappe in Greece.


Come to the hot topic! The famous issue is Greek Crisis. I have to share my observations  about it. It was discussed too much about ‘No Woman, No Cry’, so it was not discussed about  ‘No Job, No Money’? Greek Crisis arrive to problem-free point with approach of simplicity, and it is possible to explain the crisis with that photo which belows the article as that simplicity. Distance lends enchantment, easier said than done… You should ask to people what they are suffering! You got it! They have solution about the mystery of problem-free. Is this a proactive approach, reactive approach, or else afterwards solver? In comparison with my observations, Greek Life Style really oriented to problem-free point. Unemployment, debt, anxious & nervous waitings… People know how to live, and enjoy life in Greece. If you want to know how they know its – maybe, it arises from they know what they want. Men want to live joyous. This desire is their natural right at this beautiful geography. At the same time, the gap between rich and poor is not a natural thing for them, and they have a perspective with justice for acting on behalf of enjoy at this beautiful geography.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am true. I am sure about Greece streets’ feeling. No judgement, no discrimination, no hate… What do I expect more than it from a destination? 

I preferred Greece, Thessaloniki. Firstly, Thessaloniki is close to Istanbul for my first abroad experience. The other important thing after that, I wanted to see our neighbour, and I should have visited Atatürk Museum as a teacher. I thought to share same words with my students about Atatürk, and Greece for a long time. 

I know, I can not change the education system. At least, I can refresh myself.  Of course, I do not discover the world again, but I feel happy that I have a chance about discovering my stereotypes through this trip. The most important thing in my opinion, I changed my stereotypes. I do not want to have any stereotypes anymore, I want to have awareness about myself, and my world.  I wish, I could organise a trip to Thessaloniki for my students. Maybe I just try to share my opinions with them slowly. I can prepare a representation to them, or my colleagues about the greatest adventure of my life. I want to start my representation with this popular, and right title; ‘Keep Calm And Visit Greece’.


Author: Yeşim Bayrak


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