Astero Kosmos

Astero Kosmos

Astero Kosmos

This christmas event offers a variety of entertainment from 12th December to 10th January. It takes place in the TIF Helexpo in Egnatia Street, which host it for third consecutive year, this magical and surprising park. It proposes many activities such as acrobatic shows, funfair rides, ice-skating rinks and a fantastic immersion in an Elves village, for the joy of kids and grown-ups during this enchanting celebration time.






Located in the well-known Helexpo of Thessaloniki, this successful event have attracted over 200,000 visitors this year by proposing plenty of innovating amusements. It is a great opportunity to experience the Christmas spirit in town and also to fulfill tourists expectations. Everything is settle to make this event as a full-immersion in a proper fairy-tale.







A Perfect Landscape




Thessaloniki is celebrating Christmas this year at Asterokosmos and has created a festive, brilliant and glorious fairytale amusement park. As you cross the enlighten front doors, you enter in a complete fairy-tale landscape. The air is full of the appetizing scents of Christmas treats, the famous Carols are played, spreading festive melodies and the whole place have been decorated with colourful lights and many others ornaments making the atmosphere even more festive.


To recreate a wonderful landscape which takes you to an enchanting world, AsterioKosmos built an impressive frozen Forest that the visitor can easily wander, submerged in complete silence, to admire the trees dressed in white covered by a thick layer of snow. The visitors have also an unlimited access to two outdoors ice-skating rinks, one for young children and another one for older skaters.





The Rides 



Christmas definitely means fun and lots of games for young visitors. With the entrance, you are allowed to go on all 17 funfair rides of the theme park for free. Lights, music and the most fun rides, create an atmosphere of celebration and festivity. Get a magical ride in a traditional carousel, in the original tea cups or in the beautiful Santa Claus train.

For the adventurous ones looking for high dose of adrenaline, they can have their chance in Salta Monte, Tagada or Crazy Dance. 



The Village of Mischievous Elves



This incredible village described as the most amazing elf-experience that will transport you to a wonderful fairy-tale where visitors could interact with elves during several workshops and activities. Step into the Elf kitchen to prepare goodies with the help of the Elves and then take them home in pans to be baked. Explore the Elf gallery where kids will try to reproduce famous painting or visit the house of the beloved naughty assistant of Santa Claus in the Room of Christmas blunders. The place where all Christmas spells, tricks and pranks are born.




Other Activities 



AsteroKosmos prepares many others surprising activities such as Acrobatic shows, Concerts, special guests, Creativity workshops, children's performance but also a shadow puppet show with fictional character of folklore called Karagiozis to stay in a Greek spirit.









Article written by Antoine BERGAMO


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