Break the Wall: Bringing non formal sports to the Youth Organisations

Break the Wall: Bringing non formal sports to the Youth Organisations


The project "Break the Wall: Bringing non formal sports to the Youth Organizations" proposes to overcome the gap between sports activities and youth work by producing a guideline to facilitate youth workers and organizations to integrate sports activities and organize sports event to promote inclusion, participation and healthy lifestyle among young people. So, the project provides the participation of two youth organizations, USB and SPAO, which have recognized experience in managing educational programmes in the field of youth both at the local and international level; and three sports clubs, AICS, Champions Factory and CSJC, which are expert in dealing with sports actions and events for young people

The target groups of the project will be:

  • Primary: Youth organizations, Youth Clubs, youth workers, educators, coordinators of volunteers, mentors.
  • Secondary: Young people (18-30), young people with fewer opportunities, volunteers in youth organizations, youth initiatives.

The project has two tangible outputs:

1)      “Sports Management Manual for Youth Organizations” - This Manual aims to be an introduction to youth workers, staff members of youth organizations, and community leaders and other organizations about the management of sports event and activities at a grassroots level for implementing youth activities. The Manual will be small (10-15 pages), friendly, using a simple approach and easily adaptable in different environments and target groups.

2)      “Toolkit” - The Toolkit will be both complementary to the Manual, as well as an autonomous tool for youth workers at its own. The Toolkit will contain 20 sports activities based on non-formal education, aiming for group building of members of organizations, communities, volunteers and other groups of young people.

The project will provide three international meetings, the organization of flash mobs at the local level during the European Week of Sports, and two Local Dissemination Events.

United Societies of Balkan (USB):The organization is the leader of the project, which means it has the legal responsibility for it and for managing the budget. USB is responsible as well for:

  • Organizing and hosting the Kick-off Meeting;
  • Monitoring the project's activities;
  • Guarantee the successful organisation of the transnational meetings in collaboration with the local partner;
  • Evaluation of the project through questionnaires;
  • Giving instruction for the Local Dissemination Events.


Champions Factory: Responsible for the first output "Sports Management Manual for Youth Organizations". They will collect all the partners' research and materials, combine them and create a comprehensive guideline for youth workers and organizations which want to manage sports activities and organize sports events.


Centre du sport et de la jeunesse Corse (CSJC): Responsible for arranging and hosting the Midterm Meeting and for monitoring the online dissemination of the project.


AICS: Responsible for leading the flash mobs partners are going to implement locally during the European Week for Sport.


Social Policy and Action Organization (SPAO): Responsible with USB for the second output, the Toolkit. They will set the template for activities and deadline, collect partners proposals and produce the final toolkit. Also, the organization will host the Evaluation meeting, preparing the agenda, the arrangement of the meeting place, the logistics, etc.


All partners are responsible for organizing a flash mob during the European Week of Sport, and for implementing the Local Dissemination Events, which will consist of two main activities:

1) during the first event partners will promote the project, the Erasmus+ Sports as a programme of the European Union and the outputs. The target of the events will be the general public, youth organisations and other civil society organisations.

2) the second event will address young people, and partners will implement two activities with them. The aim is to promote also the healthy lifestyle and participation in sports.


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